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Web Design Everything about your website including the content, the way it looks, and the way it works is determined by the website design. Web design is a process of conceptualizing, planning, and building a collection of electronic files that determine the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and use of interactive features that

Domain and Hosting

Domain and Hosting Reliable and high-performing web hosting is a crucial part of any successful website. When you’re thinking about building a new website, your choice of host is probably one of the last things on your mind. But, neglecting to choose the right host can have disastrous effects on your website and business. With so many

Bulk SMS

It is now clear that mobile phones are ruling our digital world, so mobile-focused marketing has become a focal point of every strategic marketing planning. Mobile marketing is a huge must for every business that wants to keep a competitive edge over their competitors and maintain advantage within the industry. When one speaks about mobile

Software update for managed servers and web hostin...

Software Update for Managed Servers and Web Hosting Accounts 2019/2020 This page summarizes changes that are the result of the 2019/2020 software update to all web hosting accounts and managed servers. Software Updates Please note that the version of all PostgreSQL databases will increase from 9.6 to 11 during the update. The MySQL server version will remain unchanged

Bulk SMS for Ramadhan

Pick your SMS for Ramadan Now! No more Time to Spread Happiness. & Know who read your Message! For more info Contact us by email: info@smartd.co.ke Call/Text/ Whatsapp 0722569968 / 0722301748 Ramadan 2020 starts on sundown of Thursday, April 23rd lasting 30 days and ending at sundown on Saturday, May 23, celebrating for Muslims the ninth

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