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This the first industry to start with the text message marketing campaign by sending out coupons and discounts to their registered customers.

Businesses dedicated to the restaurant and hotel industry can incorporate SMS integrated marketing by offering exclusive discounts to their regular customers.

Real estate agents can use SMS to increase the number of customers on their customer database and can reduce no-shows by sending out appointment reminders by SMS.
Banks can take advantage of SMS integrated marketing by sending text alerts when they spot any account activity. Account balances and offers for  loans and credit cards etc.
Travelling industry involves last-minute updates and details; hence, texts are ideal since they have high open rates and are usually opened within 3 minutes of being sent.
Healthcare clinics and hospitals are really benefiting from the adoption of SMScampaigns by timely reminding customers about their scheduled appointments, follow-ups etc.

Non-profit organizations have experienced increased charity event sales, increased awareness and improved communication among staff and volunteers by utilizing the power of SMS Integrated marketing

The insurance sector use SMS integrated marketing to receive messages about premium payment, insurance details and other related information.
Churches, temples, mosques etc can use Bulk SMS to send messages to it’s members to send daily readings, reminders, alerts, and other kinds of messages. 

Why our Smart Platform?

Secure Platform

All the processes involved while sending the messages have maximum security for the safety of our clients.

Easy to use UI

The platform is has an easy to use user interface with ease of navigation to all modules.

Reduce complexity

Hunky dory barney fanny around up the duff no biggie loo cup of tea jolly good ruddy say arse.!

Access globally

We have integrated international routes/gateways to help you send SMS internationally.

High Speed

High speed platform to help send thousands of messages in seconds per click.

Easy integration

We have our own Bulk SMS API codes that are easy to integrate and are freely available to our clients for integration with their systems.

Quick and easy to
get started

Sign Up for Your own account with us for free to enable you use the platform. You can use our sender ID for free or Register your own sender id  

Our sender ID

We have our own registered sender ID which is SmartData that you can use for free while waiting to register your own sender ID

Registering Sender ID

We do register a sender ID for our clients which takes two to 3 business days at a one off fee of 7000 Kshs which is subject to VAT.

Well Managed Bulk SMS
Platform on all plans

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International Routes
the to Send SMS Globally.

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