Bulk SMS API Codes:

intended for clients of Smart data analytical limited SMS gateway only. 

The Smart Data Analytical Limited SMS SMPP API offers an SMPP SERVER connection with the Smart Data Analytical Limited SMS gateway 

using our standard authentication system and error codes. We are currently SMPP 3.4 protocol compliant, when it comes to standard SMS functionality. However, not all advanced features have been thoroughly tested. In any case of uncertainty, please contact info@smartd.co.ke.

Connecting via SMPP requires a detailed understanding of the SMPP Protocol. A more detailed understanding of SMPP 3.4 specification is available from http://www.smsforum.net and http://www.smpp.org. The SMPP v3.4 specification can be downloaded from: http://www.smpp.org/doc/public/index.html  

This guide helps you to setup SMPP Client connection with Smart data analytical limited SMS SMPP server. We are assuming that you are using a standard SMPP Client for connection.

This document only contains information on how to use SMPP in connection with the Smart data analytical limited SMS gateway. 


  • apikey : Valide API KEY. Get this by clicking the button “GET API KEY & PARTNER ID” in your account.
  • partnerID : Valid Partner ID. Get this by clicking the button “GET API KEY & PARTNER ID” in your account.
  • message : URL Encoded Text Message with valid GSM7 Characters
  • shortcode : Valid Sender ID / Shortcode
  • mobile : Valid Mobile Number

POST is the HTTP method that is designed to send loads of data to a server from a specified resource. Most common HTML forms on the web operate using this request method.

At Smart Data , we’ll walk with you help you to achieve your desired success. Our methodology includes but is not limited to:

You’ll be provided following information with your SMPP account:


Port: 8056

User name (system_id): user-name for account authentication

Password: password of your account

Maximum-Connection-Instance: maximum number of connections that could be established at any particular instance of time.


Delivery Registration: success or failure

Data Coding: Default

Source: ton=0;npi=0 Destination: ton=0;npi=0

we follow a set procedure to come up with the campaign ideas and impressive execution. For this purpose, we need to identify the following:


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