Why Digital Campaign Planning?
Planning is the key to success. In terms of Digital Campaigns, Planning the Digital Strategy is the foundation for the Digital Campaign’s success. It collates organization’s vision, goals, opportunities and products / services in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives.

How Digital Campaign Planning Works?
Did You Know? A Digital campaign is like a puzzle. You just need to fit in the pieces of the jigsaw in place and voila, the campaign suiting your target audience’s needs and wants is ready. Wondering what are the key elements, and how a perfect digital campaign planning can be designed for you or your brand? For your clarity, we are highlighting the key components of digital campaign planning.

We follow a set procedures to come up with the campaign ideas and impressive execution. For this purpose, we need to identify the following:

  • Campaign goals and tracking
  • Target audience, customer insight and targeting
  • Key campaign messages
  • Digital Strategy 
  • Online media mix selection and budgeting
  • Defining media
  • Media schedule and campaign integration

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